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"Late Night Conversation"
Schoenberg & Scholtz
Melody, mood, and nuance
with Guitar & Autoharp
Schoenberg Models Gibson L-2 Schoenberg Quartet 1923 Gibson F5 1923 Gibson F5 Martin 000-28 Martin 000-18s Martin 000-21 Snowdrop

Welcome to the online home of Schoenberg Guitars!

We are two overlapping enterprises here at 106 Main Street in Tiburon, California. First, we are our own tradition-based Schoenberg Guitars, representing the very best of the hand-builder’s art in sound-quality, playability & projection. And, second, we are the brick-and-mortar store where these and other great instruments are bought, sold, traded & repaired. Our unique inventory includes many of the finest vintage Martins & Gibsons available anywhere—even some one-of-a-kind museum pieces— as well as old & new guitars, mandolins, ukuleles & banjos, all from brand-name-makers and hand-builders. And we carry the best-sounding instruments we can! We cater to the experienced musicians looking for ‘lifetime' instruments and, also, to the absolute beginner looking for an inexpensive yet playable entry-level one. In fact, we have outstanding instruments at all price levels, and these include a custom set-up! (We have a reputation for our great set-ups, done while you wait.) We also host in-shop concerts by world-class musicians & offer lessons from a first-rate instructor. And here, our online home, is the place to find all of our wares & information about our activities.  

Please take a tour of our website and contact us with any questions. We update our inventory almost daily.

Also, if you check in the menu list (up on the left) under "Departments" you'll find our Archive Gallery, a listing of our sold instruments with photos & info. It's a collection of fascinating guitars and a useful history of the acoustic guitar, in some ways.

And here are some hints to help you with any of your searches. 

Finally, we always have great 'starter' instruments for beginners in stock -- ukuleles start at $59 & guitars at $199, all with professional set-up included at no charge. You'll be surprised by the quality you get for so little money! 

Thanks for dropping by!! 

Schoenberg Guitars at the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration

Friday, September 29 through Sunday, October 2 

We will be representing the acclaimed Schoenberg Guitars this week-end at the inaugural Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration. The SBAIC is a a four-night, three-day celebration of hand-built guitars, with associated concerts and master classes for those interested in the complete spectrum of guitar music. (If you’re familiar with the Healdsburg Guitar Festival, you’ll understand what this week-end is about.)

Come visit our booth, play our wonderful instruments and those from other builders, soak in the atmosphere, and experience the passion the luthiers bring to their work. For more information, check out the SBAIC website at: http://sbaic.com.

We hope to see you there!

Eric and James

NOTE:  The Tiburon shop will remain open Friday & Saturday, and will be closed Sunday, October 2. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Our Newest Instruments

Soon to be listed

  • New Recording King EZ TonePlus Single O
  • 1957 Gibson J-200
  • 1933 Martin OM-18
  • 1980 Gurian S2M
  • 2015 Custom Martin OM-28
  • 2008 Ramirez Anniversary Model
  • Recent Fender Princeton
  • 1988 Schoenberg 000C Soloist
  • 1929 Martin 000-28, in the shop
  • 1945 Epiphone Triumph
  • © 1943 Gibson Banner LG-2, in the shop
  • Sergei DeJonge Spanish Cedar
  • Merrill C-18, in the shop
  • Mark Leaf Single '0' Flight Case, used, excellent condition

Eric Lugosch in Concert in October

Saturday, October 22 at 8 p.m.

Eric is an institution in the Chicago area where he writes, performs & teaches. His tenure at the famous Old Town School of Folk Music has lasted for more than 14 years and he’s part of the faculty of the guitar program at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Milwaukee.  Winning the National Fingerpicking Championship in 1984 got him going. Now he’s performed all over the world--Japan, Hungary, Italy, Scotland, England & Germany -- and released seven CDs. Ragtime is a strong current in his repetoire, but folk, pop & jazz are strong influences, as well. He writes for Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine and Acoustic Guitar Magazine, where his articles and arrangements of songs are featured. Eric, in short, has a complete grasp of the guitar. But we also have to mention his childhood years with the Philadelphia Boys Choir, singing first and second soprano and eventually alto! He’s related how his time in the choir got him to hear motifs and lines, a valuable skill for anyone who writes his own music. Now Eric’s known for his graciousness and for his refusal to play a musical cliche. If anyone’s been called to a life of the guitar, it’s Eric -- and you’ll know just what that means when you hear his beautiful playing tonight. 

"Lugosch strolls with his ragtime guitar into the home turfs of folk, blues, pop and jazz shepherding contradictory impulses into harmonic bliss like a global musical peacekeeper."-- Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

 Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door

Call for tickets: 415-789-0846

Sign Up for GROUP GUITAR or UKULELE lessons now!

 JOE MILLER is offering the following group classes for adults & teens,

September – November, 2016.

Join the fun! Wednesdays at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley:




Thursdays at Redwood High School in Larkspur:





This fall, all GROUP classes are offered through Mt. Tamalpais

Community Education. To see class descriptions, and to register,

please go to MarinLearn.com and type in Guitar, Ukulele, or Music Theory. 

All group classes are 9 weeks for $195.

PRIVATE LESSONS are still offered here at the store on Sundays and Mondays;

for info please call Joe Miller at (415) 480-9618.

 More info about Joe’s teaching is at JoeGuitarMiller.com

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*  Check out this video of the Recording King Interview with Eric Schoenberg

* Eric performing his composition All In Good Time at the Schoenberg Guitars 20th Anniversary Concert.

* Eric playing Good Ship Lollipop on his 1929 L-5.

* Eric While My Guitar Gently Weeps, on his Schoenberg 0C Standard

Just In
Martin Ditson 333 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 2008Martin Ditson 333 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 2008
Martin 0-18 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1927Martin 0-18 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1927
Gibson F-2 Mandolin, Vintage 1916Gibson F-2 Mandolin, Vintage 1916
Martin J40 MBLE Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1987Martin J40 MBLE Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1987
Kona/Weissenborn Style 4 Acoustic Spanish Guitar, circa 1917Kona/Weissenborn Style 4 Acoustic Spanish Guitar, circa 1917
National M-1 Tricone Resonator Guitar, Vintage 2010National M-1 Tricone Resonator Guitar, Vintage 2010
Kamaka Concert HF-2 Ukulele, newKamaka Concert HF-2 Ukulele, new
Martin 00-21 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1928Martin 00-21 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1928
Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1958Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1958
Martin D-41 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1990Martin D-41 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1990
Bourgeois L-DBO/S Maple Acoustic Guitar, NewBourgeois L-DBO/S Maple Acoustic Guitar, New
Schoenberg 000C Standard Cuban Mahogany Acoustic Guitar, NewSchoenberg 000C Standard Cuban Mahogany Acoustic Guitar, New
Howard Klepper OM-33 Acoustic GuitarHoward Klepper OM-33 Acoustic Guitar
New Era Senorita S6-12 Acoustic Guitar, RecentNew Era Senorita S6-12 Acoustic Guitar, Recent
New Era 000 Brazilian Acoustic Guitar, RecentNew Era 000 Brazilian Acoustic Guitar, Recent
Gibson Style A Mandolin, Vintage 1920Gibson Style A Mandolin, Vintage 1920
Arches F-4 Mandolin, Vintage 2005Arches F-4 Mandolin, Vintage 2005
Jay Lichty Baritone Ukulele, Vintage 2012Jay Lichty Baritone Ukulele, Vintage 2012
Doc Huff Cello Banjo, Vintage 2013Doc Huff Cello Banjo, Vintage 2013
CF Martin D-40 FMG Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1995CF Martin D-40 FMG Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1995
Bourgeois OMC Soloist Acoustic Guitar, NewBourgeois OMC Soloist Acoustic Guitar, New
Gretsch Model 6122 Hollow Body Electric Guitar, Vintage 1966Gretsch Model 6122 Hollow Body Electric Guitar, Vintage 1966
Gretsch Tennessean Hollow Body Electric Guitar, Vintage 1962Gretsch Tennessean Hollow Body Electric Guitar, Vintage 1962
Epiphone Recording Model A Acoustic Guitar, circa 1928Epiphone Recording Model A Acoustic Guitar, circa 1928
Santa Cruz Guitars Custom 12-Fret D Koa Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 2004Santa Cruz Guitars Custom 12-Fret D Koa Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 2004
Martin 000-28 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1939Martin 000-28 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1939
Martin OM-28 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1929Martin OM-28 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1929
Martin OM-28 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1930Martin OM-28 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1930
Stefan Sobel Acoustic Guitar, circa 2000Stefan Sobel Acoustic Guitar, circa 2000
D'Angelico Style A/Excel Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Vintage 1936D'Angelico Style A/Excel Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Vintage 1936
Island Guitars Anzol Electric Guitar, NewIsland Guitars Anzol Electric Guitar, New
Martin Style 0 Soprano Ukulele, circa 1950'sMartin Style 0 Soprano Ukulele, circa 1950's
Trujo Style A Plectrum Banjo, Vintage 1932Trujo Style A Plectrum Banjo, Vintage 1932
Gibson Banner L-50 Acoustic Archtop Guitar, circa 1943Gibson Banner L-50 Acoustic Archtop Guitar, circa 1943