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Galiano Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar, Vintage c. 1920 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Galiano Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar, Vintage c. 1920
  • Stella style
  • 12-fret slot head
  • Straight Braced
  • Spruce top
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • So Rare To Have One Of These In Such Excellent Condition
  • SOLD

Product Description

Handmade in New York City circa 1920 by Antonio Cerrito, who also was involved with making the Stella guitars of the era. Excellent condition, a fabulous time capsule guitar that has that classic rich tone. Light wood binding at the top edge, original ebony pyramid bridge, ebonized fingerboard with 12 frets to the body and 18 overall. Original 3-in-line brass open gear tuners with black knobs, original bridge pins and endpin. The original metal straight saddle slot was recently filled and a new compensated saddle added by Chris Berkov so that the guitar now intonates well both in standard and drop tunings. The action was left slightly higher so that the new owner could easily play bottleneck on it if desired. Repairs include four back cracks, two with splints, and one hairline top crack next to the treble side of the tongue, all very cleanly done. Strap pin added to heel. Label reads A. GALIANO/ FABBRICANTE DI/ Chitarre e Mandolini. A very rare and great sounding example of the classic 1920's blues sound.

Product Specifications

WIDE BODY14-15/16"

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