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Bronson Deluxe 12-Fret Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1936 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Bronson Deluxe 12-Fret Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1936
  • 1930's Gibson Nick Lucas Copy
  • Chicago Made: Regal or Kay
  • Top-of-the-Line
  • X-Braced
  • 12-Fret

Product Description

Oahu and Bronson are closely related, started by half brothers (Oahu) who later split up into the two companies. Their guitars were Chicago made, by Regal, Stromberg-Voisinet or the Kay Custom Shop (in which the top end guitars were made by old world immigrants who had made guitars in Europe). This Bronson is their top quality, 00+ size, Brazilian rosewood, X braced and is originally round-necked - a rare standard format - most were Hawaiian square necked. The neck is wide and thin - very modern in a way. Very nice mother-of-pearl square, elegantly engraved fingerboard inlays, 12-fret neck, all original except maybe the bridge. The X-braces versions of Oahu and Bronson are incredible sounding guitars, like no other, and must be played to be appreciated (duh!).

Product Specifications

SPACING 1 13/16" x 2 5/16"
DEPTH 4 1/2"

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