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Gibson Special Flattop Acoustic Guitar, circa 1938 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Gibson Special Flattop Acoustic Guitar, circa 1938
  • Maybe the Best Sounding Gibson!!
  • Rosewood L-00 with L-12 Neck
  • Extremely Rare!
  • Twelve-Fret Neck
  • Sold

Product Description

About as rare as they come, we have here a custom Gibson, a rosewood (!) L-00 body with an L-12 neck. I can easily picture a player in the mid-'30s wanting a flattop Gibson with the much smaller neck of the jazz guitars, since the flattops of those days have logs for necks. An unusual feature is that this is a 12-fret neck, which brings the bridge lower, making a very noticable improvement in tone. Rosewood Gibson's are extremely rare and sound particularly wonderful, and are thus much sought after. This one has to be the rarest rosewood Gibson of all (except, amazingly, we now have two of them: a 12-fret and a 14-fret)! It has Gibson's lovely Cremona sunburst, with two top cracks solidly but not beautifully repaired ages ago, and we reset the neck and replaced the frets.

Meanwhile, we've been playing and Tonight-ing both of these and they are showing themselves to be among the best sounding Gibsons. Quite full, rich and balanced with a strong, sweet treble. Why didn't Gibson make more rosewood guitars?!

Product Specifications

STRING SPACING 1 11/16" x 2 3/16"
SCALE 24 "
SIZE 14 ⅝" x 4 "
TOP Spruce
BACK & SIDES Straight Grain Rosewood
BRIDGE Rosewood
FINISH Cremona Sunburst
TUNERS Original Grover Imperials
WEIGHT 4 lb, 4 oz
CASE Original Hard Shell

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