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Schoenberg AR Acoustic Guitar
  • Adirondack Spruce
  • Advanced Rosewood Jumbo

Product Description

The Schoenberg AR, In the continuing tradition of "growing toward the past, the "AR", or "advanced rosewood" jumbo, is patterned in many ways after Gibson's Advanced Jumbo.

The AJ was an interesting departure for Gibson in the 1930s. Primarily, the long scale (25.4") in a D-size rosewood body created a link between Gibson's short scale slope-shouldered jumbos and Martin's Dreadnought. It retains the Gibson jumbo shape, which I believe affects the tone (although nobody knows how), the bracing and wood thicknesses are different, and the top has more arch built in. The resulting tone is very different from the Martin. Each individual guitar is different, but what I've seen is a different balance (more treble) and different quality in the sound. The bass has a power and "oomph" to it, while the treble has a Gibson-like scream that's made for blues. It tends to be a rougher, more raw sound than the refined Martin quality, possibly wanting a stronger touch.

The guitar in the photo is our first AR. It is of Adirondack spruce and Indian rosewood, and was made by Bruce Sexauer. We feel it came out surprisingly similar to the 1936 AJ we used as the model, if one can imagine what the old one sounded like before its 65 year break-in period. Time will tell how it continues to stack up.

Product Specifications

TOP Adirondack spruce
BACK & SIDES Rosewood
SCALE 25.4"

Product ID

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