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Schoenberg Quartet 12-Fret Cutaway Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 2008 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Schoenberg Quartet 12-Fret Cutaway Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 2008
  • Grand Piano Guitar
  • The First 0000 12-Fret Cutaway
  • Amazon Rosewood and European Spruce
  • A Trance Audio Pickup Has Been Installed
  • Builder: Randall Kramer of Truckee, CA.

Product Description

The first Quartet, Schoenberg's groundbreaking 12-Fret 0000, build by Randall Kramer out of Amazon rosewood and European spruce, in excellent condition except for a repaired center seam separation. The title of 'Quartet' comes from the 0000 size combined with its intended role as supplier of all frequency ranges, like a string quartet. An Amulet pickup has been installed. We call this the Stephen Bruton model, since it was Stephen's energy and focus that actually made this concept happen.

The Schoenberg Quartet is our newest model, designed by Eric to his ideal of the complete grand piano guitar, an anti-dreadnaught to be everything a dreadnaught isn't, the biggest small guitar on the planet. The concept is to take the 0000, which Martin has been calling the "M", derived from an early Martin arch-top, the "F"; Marc Silber replaced a damaged top with a flattop, creating a model that became well known through the playing of Dave Bromberg.

It is 16" wide yet only 4" deep, the same as 000 and 00. Schoenberg created a 12-fret version of the 0000, then added the cutaway, giving a body that supplies the greatest bass while retaining the clarity and punch of the smaller boxes. The name "Quartet" came about as a combination of two concepts: the four 0 body, and the tonal completeness of a string quartet.

The Amulet pickup is fantastic, extremely life-like and powerful. When Jackson Brown first came to our shop, he told me about an amazing pickup he was using that was able to deliver dynamics even when playing in an amphitheater or football field. That pickup was the forerunner to the Amulet.

Review of our latest Quartet: http://onemanz.com/guitar/reviews/acoustic-guitars/schoenberg/quartet/

Product Specifications

STRING SPACING 1 13/16" x 2 3/8"
SCALE 25 3/8"
SIZE 16" X 4 1/8"
TOP European Spruce
BACK & SIDES Amazon Rosewood
PURFLING 1/2 of the Backstripe
BRIDGE Ebony Pyramid
FINISH Natural
TUNERS Antique Acoustics
WEIGHT 5 lb, 2.4 oz
CONDITION Exc. with reglued seam in top
CASE Hard Shell

Product ID
Our Price: $9,980.00
In Stock

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