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DMT Corrugated Top Acoustic/Electric Guitar, New for sale at om28.com
DMT Guitars
DMT Corrugated Top Acoustic/Electric Guitar, New
  • Maple Back & Sides
  • Hand-Corrugated Aluminum Top
  • Custom Hum Cancelling Split Single-Coil Floating PU

Product Description

This guitar was made to show the acoustic properties of the aluminum alloy... Think of John Dopyera's resonator guitar, the 30's European aluminum bass, the ALCOA ( Aluminum Company of America ) bass, and the long forgotten and extremely rare 19th century Neil Merrill guitar with aluminum sides and back (spruce top), and 19th century violins, mandolins and who knows what else... In this case the top is activated like your regular flat top with a fixed bridge. The guitar is X-braced with spruce, and the top is hand-corrugated - the corrugation is to add longitudinal stiffness and homey looks... The floating pickup is hum cancelling split single coil with Alnico magnets and 43 gauge coil wire, reading 10.7 K ohms. Medium jumbo frets, 12th fret joint, 25 3/8" scale, maple sides, laminated maple back, walnut neck, 2 5/16" spacing at the bridge and 1 3/4+ (1.78") at the nut.

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