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Goodall TMH OOO-TM Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 2013 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Goodall TMH OOO-TM Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 2013
  • Twelve-Fret 000
  • All Striped Mahogany
  • A Rich, Deep, Sweet Box
  • As New Condition

Product Description

From Goodall's "Traditional Series", meaning it is based on a vintage style, this one being the Martin 12-Fret 000, one of Martin's strongest designs. Twelve fret Martins are known for their more open, gutsier bassy tone. James Goodall says, "We love our 000?s. They have amazing bass without losing clarity - the trebles are also ?fat? not thin. The all mahogany will have a wonderful full and balanced tone certainly a good choice for fingerstyle and medium strumming. Sustain is also excellent." This all mahogany 000 certainly fits that description. The wood is a special quality, with a light glowing luminesce that matches it's clear, rich, glowing tone.

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