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Harmony H-44 Vintage 1952 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Harmony H-44 Vintage 1952
  • Harmony H-44 Vintage 1952
  • Neck thru body
  • Single DeArmond Pickup
  • Original Softshell Case

Product Description

Harmony H-44 later called the ?Stratotone? is in fine working order and in original condition. The DeArmond Soap Bar pick up rings with and articulate and gorgeous clarity but can also be nicely pushed into a lush and fuzzy distortion when overdriven. The body is neck thru featuring a rosewood fret board with 20 frets to the body and a fat C shaped neck. The guitar is very light, friendly and the wider string spacing makes this an absolute joy to play.

Product Specifications

Scale - 25 1/4"
Nut - 1 3/4"
Neck Depth
1st- 0.94"
7th - 1.20"
12th - 1.22"
20 frets
Pick Up - 3.4K
Weight - 5lbs 4.6oz

Product ID
Our Price: $3,000.00
In Stock

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