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Fender Coronado XII Hollow Body Electric Guitar, Vintage 1966
Product Detail
  • Twelve-String Hollow Body
  • Fender's Competition With the ES-330

Fender Princeton Amp, Vintage 1956
Product Detail
  • Tweed Princeton
  • Recent Full Service by Chris Barnett
  • One Owner

Fender Pro 5D5 Combo Guitar Amplifier, Vintage 1954-1955
Product Detail
  • Tweed
  • Wide Panel
  • Barely Used, Fabulous Condition
  • Single Fifteen Inch Jensen Speaker

Fender Starcaster Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar, Vintage 1976
Product Detail
  • Rare Semi-Hollow Body
  • Two Pickups
  • Model Played By Leo Nocentelli of The Meters
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case

Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Vintage 1954
Product Detail
  • An Excellent Example
  • First Year
  • Hardtail
  • This Guitar Is Not Stored On Our Premises! Call for appointment

Fender Stratocaster Solid Body Electric Guitar, Vintage 1960
Product Detail
  • Original Coffee and Milk Tolex Case
  • Certificate of Inspection by Gruhn Guitars
  • Not Stored On Our Premises!

Fender Stratocaster Solid Body Electric Guitar, Vintage 1965
Product Detail
  • Fender Stratocaster Vintage 1965
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • Closet Clean!!!

Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amplifier, Vintage 1965
Product Detail
  • Fabulous Condition
  • The "Holy Grail" Fender Amp
  • Has The Optional JBL D120F Speakers