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Just Make it Simple! (A Quick Overview)

  1. Newest Instruments: The front page has the newest items in the store listed under "Our Newest Instruments" in the News section, and on the right hand side labeled "Just In". There is also the "Featured Items" listed at the bottom of the News section for very special instruments.
  2. Search: The simplest method to search is by typing a key word/phase into the Search-Box at the top of each page. Note: It is best to start simple, view the results, then try a longer phrase. From the Search-Results page, just click on the picture to navigate to the product-detail page.
  3. Contact: If you have a question, you can email the shop by selecting the convenient "Ask a Question" icon at the right side of each product-detail page. You can also call the shop using the phone listed at the bottom of each page.

Home Page

Our home page is updated frequently with news, events, and with the newest instruments just in. Please bookmark the Schoenberg Guitars Home Page to check in on the newest items.

How to Search for an Instrument

There are a few options:
  1. Search Box: found in the location-bar at the top of each page. This is the most popular search method, since you can simply type in what you are looking for. Key-Phrase examples: "Gibson f5", or "Martin 000", or "slot head guitar", or even "slot head 12 fret".
  2. Navigation Panel - Shop By: found at the left side of each page
    1. Category Search - allows you to walk through each of the Categories & Sub-Categories
    2. Brand Name - allows you to find all of the items by Brand or Luthier
  3. Schoenberg Designed Instruments
    1. Shop By - Schoenberg Models - takes you to an overview of Schoenberg Designed Guitars available for building
    2. Shop By - Brand Name - Schoenberg Models - returns a list of Schoenberg Designed Guitars in the shop

Instrument/Product Photos

The instrument photos are fairly high resolution. Just select the instrument/product photo displayed in the detail page to display the photo-viewer. To show the full size photo, it depends on your computer/device/browser:
  • Track Pads & Hand-Held Devices: zoom gesture
  • Computer Browsers: right-click (Mac cntrl-click) then select view-image

Archive Gallery

Viewing previously sold instruments is very popular, and so there is now a separate department called the Archive Gallery to help browse these instruments. You can think of this as a separate "department" in the store. Once selected, the key-search will be restricted exclusively to the Archive Gallery. In order, to get back to the main store, just select NavMenu "Departments - Main Store", or the store banner at the top of each page.