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Martin "Model America" Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1906 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Martin "Model America" Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1906
  • Unique Custom Double-Body
  • Made for Daniel Schuyler of San Diego and Conneticut

Product Description

A museum quality example of possibly the most unique and exotic guitar ever made by Martin. There was a second one made, of which very little of the original instrument remains, while this one is fully original and in excellent condition. It is an 0-28 with a second, thinner body attached with fancy ebony pins behind the first, complete with soundhole and herringbone binding. There had been a soundpost linking the two bodies which has been removed, assumably by the original owner soon after receiving the guitar in 1906. The bridge is unique and quite different. Not playable at the moment.

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