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"Late Night Conversation"
Schoenberg & Scholtz
Melody, mood, and nuance
with Guitar & Autoharp

Welcome to the online home of Schoenberg Guitars!

Tues -Thurs: 11:00 to 6:00

Friday & Saturday: 11:00 to 5:30


Eric performing Good Ship Lollipop on his 1929 L-5

We are two overlapping enterprises here at 106 Main Street in Tiburon, California. First, we are our own tradition-based Schoenberg Guitars, representing the very best of the hand-builder's art in tone, projection & playability. And, second, we are the friendly brick-and-mortar store where these and other great stringed instruments are bought, sold, traded & repaired. Our unique inventory includes a range of many of the finest vintage Martins & Gibsons available anywhere--even some one-of-a-kind museum pieces. If it's a vintage Martin or Gibson you're looking for, you'll do yourself a favor by checking out our inventory! We are now adding a specialty in vintage electrics and archtops. We also carry a number of old & new guitars, mandolins, ukuleles & banjos from brand-name-makers and hand-builders. And we work hard to carry the best-sounding instruments (and best-playing instruments) we can! We cater to the experienced musicians looking for 'lifetime' instruments and, also, to the absolute beginner looking for an inexpensive yet playable entry-level one. In fact, we have outstanding instruments at all price levels, and these include a custom set-up! (We have a reputation for our great set-ups, done while you wait.) And it's not just guitars. We have a huge selection of ukuleles, from inexpensive to hand-made. And mandolins at all price-points. We also host in-shop concerts by world-class musicians & offer lessons from a first-rate instructor. And here, our online home, is the place to find all of our wares & information about our activities.  

Please take a tour of our website and contact us with any questions. We update our inventory almost daily.  Here are some hints to help you with any of your searches:

For photos of instruments, go to the individual page of that instrument. Then click on the first photo -- often a headstock photo -- others are available, then, by clicking on the arrows. To show the full size photo,  cntrl-click (Non-Mac: right-click)  then select view: image in another Tab or Page. 

Also, if you check in the menu list (up on the left) under "Departments" you'll find our Archive Gallery, a listing of our sold instruments with photos & info. It's a collection of fascinating guitars and a useful history of the acoustic guitar, in some ways.

Questions about repairs?. . . see the information below the 'Lessons' segment on this page.

Finally, please note that we always have great 'starter' instruments for beginners in stock -- ukuleles start at $49 & guitars at $199, all with professional set-up included at no extra charge. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the quality you get for so little money! 

Thanks for dropping by!!

Soon to be listed: call or email for more information:

  • 1952 Martin 00-21
  • 2001 National Style 3 Tri-Cone
  • 2013 Martin OM-18 Authentic
  • 2013 Gibson SJ Banner Custom
  • Collings C10 Adirondack/Madagascar, recent
  • 1996 McKerrihan 2 Pickup
  • 1956 Fender Princeton, in transit
  • 1998 Martin 00-21 Golden Era
  • Taylor GS Mini
  • Wingert Parlor Self-Portrait
  • Yamaha SA 2000
  • 2008 Martin Custom 0000-28C Amberburst
  • LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amp
  • 1996 Taylor Kotke Custom Brazilian/Adirondack
  • Durham ES-335
  • Eastman DGM-2, New
  • 1930s Gibson RB-11
  • 1918 Lyon & Healy B Mandolin
  • 1924 Gibson A-2Z
  • 1946 Gretsch Synchromatic 200 (16")
  • 1924 Gibson Tenor Lute
  • 1913 Gibson H-2 Mandola
  • 1937 Gibson F-4
  • 1921 Fairbanks-VegaTubaphone #9
  • 1907 Fairbanks Vega Whyte Laydie #7
  • Bacon FF Professional Special Grand Concert Five-String
  • 1936 Kliever Arch-Top Guitar
  • 1924 Gibson F-5 Fern / Virzi
  • 1990 Benedetto Cremona
  • 1975 Lloyd Baggs Archtop Guitar
  • 1971 Martin D-45, in transmit
  • 1938 Martin T-18 Tiple
  • 1930 Martin OM-28
  • Mauer OM ©1935, Larson
  • 1966 Fender Coronado XII
  • 1976 Fender Starcaster
  • 1968 Martin 00-18, in transit
  • Gibson Chet5 CEC White
  • 1914 Gibson L-1
  • 1998 Schoenberg Soloist
  • 1972 Manuel Contreras
  • Moonstone OM-45 Deluxe,  recent
  • 2014 Moonstone Parlor
  • Martin Style 2 Soprano Uke
  • © 1972 Gibson RB-250
  • circa 1932 Washburn Concert Ukulele
  • © 1975 Vega/Martin VIP-T Tenor Banjo, in transit
  • Gibson A-1 w/Soundhole DeArmand Pickup, in transit
  • 1935 Rickenbocker Electro Model B 7-String Bakelite Lapsteel
  • 1971 Conde Hermanos Flamenco
  • 1937 Santos Hernandez
  • ca 1912 Manuel Ramirez

Sign Up for GROUP GUITAR or UKULELE LESSONS Now! (Or sign up for private lessons!)

Besides private lessons, JOE MILLER offers GROUP LESSONS for adults & teens starting January 21, 2020.  Join the fun!


Tuesdays, January 21 ? March 17, 2020, 7 ? 8 PM, 9 weeks for $195


Tuesdays, January 21 -- March 17, 8:05-9:05, 9 weeks for $195


Wednesdays, January 22 ? March 18, 7 ? 8 PM, 9 weeks for $195


 Wednesdays, January 22 ? March 18, 7 ? 8 PM, 9 weeks for $195


Tuesdays, January 21 -- March 17, 6:00-6:55 PM,  9 weeks for $245

All Wednesday group classes will be held at The Ranch (Tiburon Recreation Department), 600 Ned?s Way, Tiburon; All Tuesday classes will be held at Tiburon Baptist Church, 445 Greenwood Beach Road, one mile from Highway 101.

Complete Class Descriptions are at JoeGuitarMiller.com.

To register, please drop in at the store (closed Sundays & Mondays), or send payment to:

Joe Miller, c/o Eric Schoenberg Guitars, 106 Main St., Tiburon, CA 94920.

Please include your email and phone #, and specify which class you want to take.

You can also register for classes through TheRanchToday.org; MillValleyRecreation.org (Tuesday classes); or TownofCorteMadera.org (Beginning Guitar only).

PRIVATE LESSONS for ages 5 through adult are offered here at the store on Sundays, at Tiburon Baptist Church on Tuesdays, and at The Ranch on Wednesdays. All beginners, young children, returning students and fingerpickers are welcome! For more information please call Joe Miller at (415) 480-9618.


We do all kinds of repairs on guitars, mandolins, banjos & ukuleles, from simple set-ups to complete restorations. We do neck re-sets on a regular basis, fret-work, bridge re-glues, etc. We work on modern guitars from all makers, from the most basic to the most expensive, and also on pre-war Martins, Gibsons, Fenders, Nationals, Regals, Kays, the guitars of the Larson brothers, and others.

We are a Martin-Authorized Warranty Repair Center and handle every kind of warranty repair on customer-owned Martins.

We have a reputation for doing great set-ups on acoustic and electric guitars. More involved repairs, like neck-resets, crack repairs, & refrets can take up to 10 weeks because of our work load. We also reshape necks, knowing how important neck shape is to a guitar's playability.

Call for prices and to discuss the improvements you'd like to see in your guitar.

* Short documentary of Eric talking about music, guitars, the store and more

* Eric playing the super clean 1945 Martin 000-28

* Recording King Interview with Eric Schoenberg

* Eric performing his composition All In Good Time at the Schoenberg Guitars 20th Anniversary Concert.

* Eric performing Good Ship Lollipop on his 1929 L-5.

* Eric performing While My Guitar Gently Weeps, on his Schoenberg 0C Standard